Wednesday 2nd October

One of the most important life lessons I have learnt, and I did so on the day, is that handling children can be a true pain. That day, after our initial of discussion (as usual), we met the Year 7s again and got them to create and design a video advert showcasing what the 1925 Award is about to all of their peers (in their tutor groups, perhaps). This week, much to our pleasure, they had memorised practically all of our names, and, if I may be honest, I had gotten nowhere in memorising theirs. We then split into gender groups (Boys vs Girls) and we were off.

Now, keep in mind that we used several motivators to get them to do the best work they could. In the end, we planned to compare the two adverts and choose a winner. The winning side would not only receive a set prize, but be able to punish the losers with whatever punishment they wanted (within reason, of course). However, motivation was visibly low, loss of concentration was visibly high, and we did not get much done at all. By the end of the collaborative hour, we had compiled a set of random and unpremeditated clips without much purpose at all – but at least they make for an entertaining video, potentially. Afterwards, we set them off with the task of editing these films in their free time. They were, after all, graced with lovely iPads which my generation wouldn’t have ever dreamed of having.