Wednesday 18th September

With the general outline of the 1925 Award settled, we were tasked this day with refining the exact details of the course through which we were to subject our Year 7s. That day, we focused on substituting our planned ‘nature walks’ with something more exciting. Our verdict? The Pit – a gruelling and challenging obstacle course which is guaranteed to nick the unfortunate fellow here and there. Some of us had gone through the Pit before, and made sure to testify concerning its enjoyability where it was due.

Daniel Neale and I were tasked with planning the ice-breaker and sports-related activities that would be used to introduce the Year 7s to the course. For that specific reason, Mr Colin Morris entrusted me with a somewhat large folder filled with activities of all kinds. Now, to attain the gravity of what ‘entrusted’ meant in this instance – I was sure I was going to be executed on the spot if the words “I have lost your folder” were to ever leave my mouth. However, the meeting went smoothly – yet another two hours of meticulous planning and discussion.