Wednesday 2nd October

This week, we didn’t do any debating at all, rather, we were introduced to a topic and asked to research and discuss it among our groups in preparation for the actual debate to be delivered the following week. And the topic in question: Violent Video Games and how they should be banned on the grounds that they induce violence within people.

Now, I was extremely glad to have heard this because it means that all that knowledge which I had gathered in GCSE Psychology was actually going to be used. I admit – I’ve actually been surprised by just how GCSE Psychology has been relevant in my life (or, at least, the part of it where I argue with people regarding ethical issues), and this was an opportunity to finally apply what I had learnt.

Why do I posit the title like so, you might ask? Well, for the majority of the hour spent researching, each ‘faction’ was constantly in the process of sending spies to the other’s table in hopes that they might acquire decent intelligence regarding their opponents’ arguments. The most creative, albeit unsuccessful attempt by an enemy spy was crawling under the table to sneak up on our iPad screens. He just ended up getting himself trapped.