Wednesday 25th September

Today, we had our first ‘real’ debate – three speakers on either side, a Chair, and a floor. The motion? “Capital Punishment”. In the past, I have debated this issue three times – and I have been on the Proposing side three times.

I have to give credit to my opponents, although this was perhaps one of the most entertaining debates of my life (not quite as humorous as that one time the opposition did not understand the motion and so we engaged in a ‘parallel debate’. I’ll leave you to guess what that means). My opponent found himself arguing that killing criminals is inhumane, but then iterating, not much later on, “We Should Let Them Go Insane and Kill Themselves Instead”. Needless to say, not just one eyebrow was raised that day.

In the end, my side attained victory – because of both the credibility of our arguments, and the internal contradictions in theirs. A fun lunchtime indeed.