Wednesday 18th September

I remember two years ago, at the dawn of Year 10, when they announced that they would hold a Debating CCA during certain lunchtimes. Giles and I (of whom the former is a friend of mine) find ourselves waging three-hour debates on occasional nights regarding even the most insignificant and trivial of issues, most of which associated with the English language, therefore the same train of thought was echoing through both our heads: “Why the hell didn’t I join the CCA?”

My response was, of course, to actually join this year, with hopes that it would be as invigorating as I thought. And as it so happens, I wasn’t disappointed. The first day comprised of having short and snappy introductory debates between two willing (and in some cases, unwilling) individuals on issues which they only had up to twenty seconds to reflect on before having to speak their mind to the rest of the class. Most interesting was the interplay between the debaters and the floor after they had given their opening statements. A ‘battleground’ wouldn’t be such a gross overstatement to describe the sheer heat at which comments, rebuttals and accusations were flung across the room. All in all, I have to say that the Oxford interns did an impressive job in jump-starting the CCA for this year.