Friday 27th September

Manga Club. I had always wanted to join – yet by the time I discovered its existence in our school, all slots were filled. However, by the grace of the owner of the house which we would inhabit during the duration of the club, I was allowed to join – perhaps just occasionally, to contribute.

My role was that of storywriter, along with one Ranait Flanagan, and our task was to design a short video raising awareness for those with depression. It’s interesting to note that talking about depression really can make one feel, well…depressed. Fortunately enough, we knew somebody who had gone through this exact experience, and so, we gained valuable insight into what it means to be depressed, which helped greatly in driving the story forward.

The concept was simple, but we encountered numerous problems involving art-styles and narratives. However, by the end of our time there, we had formulated a basic story outline and all artists had pitched in their individual designs, of which the most favourable was to be chosen next week. And, oh, I can’t forget…the cake was nice.