Wednesday 9th October

The lesson was a relaxing one, which came as a relief to all of us. The first hour was spent doing the usual duties – planning and clearing things up for the rest of the course. I was tasked with writing a letter to parents of our ‘minions’ informing them of the upcoming outdoor activities, which included the Green Corridor and The Pit.

The next hour, believe it or not, included even less activity from us. Instead, we sat through a delightful one hour talk by representatives for ACRES, an organisation which aims to elevate the welfare of animals across the globe – although, only in South East Asia for now. I’m not just saying it was good because it’s the nice thing to say – I was genuinely interested. Honestly.

I have to say, I was impressed as well by how active the minions were in answering questions and taking part – including one specific Year 7 who knew far more about the world of animal cruelty than I did. When the hour was over, we all headed off.