Wednesday 9th October

Finally – the day of the debate came, and I, alongside two of my teammates, argued as to why violent video games should be banned. Having the most knowledge of the psychological basis for video game influence,  I decided that I should be the first speaker, unfamiliar territory – as I have always been the Summariser throughout most of my debating ‘career’.

I have to say – I underperformed, generally, I think, because I had designed my speech to suit a greater amount of time than I was given (2 minutes). Although, I am glad to have been able to answer an opponent’s Point of Information by reciting a certain case study (Ramirez et al, 2001) that, undeniably, put us on better footing.

Eventually, after arguments had been traded, our CCA’s caretaker, Mr Roberts (with hair) decided that both sides were equally matched, and that the debate ended with a draw – which was disappointing because I knew that I could have done better by choosing points which were easier to explain.